Live at TPKale Sound:::..::: DiscordianCommunityEnsemble

Since 2005 woodwind player and composer Agustí Martínez has been programming concerts of free improvised and avant-garde music every month in TPK Contemporary Art Center at L’Hospitalet, Barcelona. This recording was done in one of these concerts, featuring original compositions that required plenty of improvisation, and were created by Agustí Martínez and El Pricto specifically for this incarnation of Discordian Community Ensemble.
released May 16, 2019


Fernando Brox: flute
Agustí Martínez: clarinet on track 4; conductor on tracks 1-3
El Pricto: alto saxophone on tracks 1-3; conductor on track 4
Melisa Bertossi: tenor saxophone
Pablo Volt: trumpet
Ilona Schneider: soprano
Diego Caicedo: electric guitar
João Braz: cello
Eduard Altaba: doublebass

“Serena” music and lyrics composed by Agustí Martínez; “Reflectores” lyrics are a poem from Bella Durmiente by Miriam Reyes, music composed by El Pricto.

Recorded live on November 27, 2018 at Tepekalesound, L’Hospitalet, Barcelona by Ralph Lopinski.
Mixed and mastered by Lopinski

Cover art by Agustí Martínez
Cover design by Pricto
Backcover by Aorita

Produced by Agustí Martínez and Discordian Records