Incerto For Doublebass And Strings


The Incerto is an original musical form inspired by the classical concerto form, its name meaning “uncertain” in italian. The main difference lies in its freer structure (that is very much improvised) and concept, in which the soloist has almost complete freedom and the conductor accompanies, reinforces and creates with the rest of the musicians around the solo work. Everything is spontaneous, there’s only a rough structure in the conductor’s mind that he articulates with hand gestures more or less efficiently over the musical free development. The result is a mixture between improvised composition, conduction and free playing. The album cover is inspired by… Well, its very obvious. It was recorded live in Magia Roja, Barcelona. Enjoy!
released July 1, 2019


Àlex Reviriego: doublebass
Diego Caicedo: electric guitar
Jaime Del Blanco: violin
Dani Pucha: violin
Eva Monroy: violin
Xesc Llompart: violin
Pablo Albarrán: violin

Music by Reviriego, Caicedo, Del Blanco, Pucha, Monroy,
Llompart, Albarán and Pricto.
Structured and conducted by El Pricto

Recorded live at Magia Roja, Barcelona on December 14, 2018
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Pricto

Album concept by Pricto/Reviriego
Cover photograph taken at Sinestesia by Miriam Reyes
Cover design by Pricto
Backcover by aorita

Produced by Discordian