“During the 225th Discordian Night at Soda Acústic in Barcelona, a magical event takes place. Three unquestionable Giants of the Barcelona avant-garde scene perform for 40 minutes as Hung Mung trio. El Pricto plays alto saxophone and three (sic!) synthesizers, Diego Caicedo – electric guitar, and Vasco Trilla – drums, percussion, and all possible objects of percussion utility. The music is a perfect example of the newborn genre of music: the free improvised post avant-garde from the Iberian Peninsula. Everything is there: sometimes it sounds like acoustic free jazz, sometimes like electro-acoustic avant-garde, very often it is very difficult to identify the origin of sounds and the instruments used; even more difficult is to guess the manners the instruments are used – there is plenty of what I call friendly “fake” sounds. “Vast Obscurity” is the most abstract and open – it is the perfect example of the new genre. “Mists Of Chaos” starts like that, but later develops into an intense and full of expression free jazz statement to come back again to the imaginary world of sounds of the Barcelona post avant-garde, and to a beautiful Vasco’s “solo”. The closing “Primeval Atmosphere Of Nature”, with El Pricto playing synthesizer is an incredible in example of “fake” sounds – which of them are generated electronically (by El Pricto), which electrically (by distorted guitar of Diego), and which acoustically (by Vasco) is a profound mystery, deeper than the Mariana Trench and Challenger Deep taken together. In the second half, the track attains the free jazz character, due to the powerful saxophone solo, but keeps the guitar, percussion and synthesizer accompaniment in the profoundly deep regions. As if there were 3 men and a robot? As El Pricto explains, he used an algorithmic synthesizer that he could program and modify in situ, playing simultaneously the saxophone”

Maciej Lewenstein

El Pricto – alto saxophone and synthesizers
Diego Caicedo – electric guitar
Vasco Trilla- drums and percussion.

Recorded live on October 2th 2019 at Nocturna Discordia #225 in Soda Acustic, Barcelona by El Pricto.
Mixed and mastered by El Pricto.

Cover design by Witold Oleszak
Executive producers: Tomasz Konwent & Andrzej Nowak